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My Approach

I take a humanistic and eclectic approach to therapy with my clients. I like to learn about my clients and what they hope for in life so we can make a treatment plan that is specifically tailored to their unique set of needs. 

The truth is we are all different and have experienced life from our perspectives. Think about it this way; two children raised in the same house by the same person(s), in mostly the same way, will still likely have very different views about their childhoods. Neither is necessarily right or wrong, they are just different people. 

I understand that, and will do my best to understand how you see it. 

Some of the things i like to work on with clients who seem to be a good fit are as follows: 

Talk therapy (of course)

Person-centered therapy

Cognitive therapies

Behavioral therapies

Expressive arts 

Narrative therapy

Emotion focused therapy

various types of education

Parenting ideas

Mindfulness based therapy (cognitive, trauma, DBT, etc.)

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